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Microsoft Teams

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

We have been working to get as many lessons as we can online for each subject area across the school which we are looking to start to launch next week. We have chosen Microsoft Teams to provide lessons to our students and much of this decision is around the rapid adaption that Microsoft has done and continues to work on, to make this a safe environment for students.

As with anything technological setting this up takes a little time and patience, we are aiming to run sessions for Year 7-9 students to start with running for about 20 minutes and try to get as many students to connect as possible through their smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and desktops as we can. This element is very much about the taught part of the lesson with an opportunity to ask questions, followed by an activity or assignment set online.

What is Microsoft Teams?

You may have seen the adverts on TV or maybe someone at home is using this software for work at the moment. Microsoft Teams is a ‘collaborative’ tool which means it allows you to work together in a ‘team’ in various ways – we are viewing a ‘team’ as a class in school. So for each class, you will have a team channel and lessons will be provided to that class.

Introduction to Teams student

Starting to use Teams

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