The pressures of social media

Posted on March 15th 2018

As technology has advanced young individuals standards have changed drastically, pressure among young people has increased as they feel they need to be a certain way in order to be accepted online and in everyday life.


A lot of adults, teachers etc., have noticed changes in the amount of anxiety that is found in teenagers which are believed to be one of the disadvantages of social media. As you scroll through apps such as Instagram, Facebook, snapchat and other online sites, you will realise the unfair expectations that are set by our society which are excessively high and are influencing young people to act and appear certain ways. The impact it has on young people is unhealthy and almost worrying as their self-esteem, self-image and mental health is being affected. A staggering 68% of hospital admissions are due to self-harm among girls (under 17) alone which is linked to body dissatisfaction and bullying. Bullying is a common issue that challenges teenagers, and social media facilitates such a problem as anyone is able to reach out and contact you.


We use these apps to follow the lives of both our friends and celebrities, which can often lead to teenagers being more aware of themselves and their imperfections. We focus our attention on how others look in posts (such as celebrities) which causes young individuals to compare themselves, resulting in body image issues. This is very worrying considering when really the majority of these photos have been photoshopped.


This means teenagers are comparing themselves to images of models and celebrities that have been changed to look this unrealistic way which instantly creates a negative mindset for young people. There is also a risk of others getting the wrong impressions about you and what you post online, which can lead to unknown and unwanted accounts intruding your personal life.


Student’s thoughts on social media:

Social media has a lot of positive aspects such as interacting with friends and family but it also has its downfalls such as bullying and peer pressure as people find it a lot easier to target others behind a screen which society needs to focus their attention to.


Millie, a Year 8 student

I think there are many pros and cons to social media, the biggest con being body image issues and bullying.


Joel, a Year 8 student.

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