Molly and Freya write about the government cuts to the NHS!

Posted on March 15th 2018

Effects of Government Cuts to the NHS

Experts are worried that the NHS Health Service will die out by as early as next year. There have been many protests against government cuts and many have died or been harmed by inefficient care and help. Countless amounts of workers in the NHS will lose their jobs due to government cuts, meaning fewer patients can be treated, which may increase the countries death rate.


Nicky Romero’s 15-year-old daughter Becky committed suicide after she was discharged from the psychiatric ward even after her mother pled for Becky to stay in the hospital after she had been self-harming that day. This is all down to loss of employment and not enough money being put towards the medical equipment and tests to improve the health of the population. There are 40,000 vacancies around the UK for nursing and this has affected service delivery massively. A hospital protester says she fears that the UK’s NHS could turn in to a ‘pay for your health service’ like how it is in the US.


Molly’s Opinion

I think it’s bad that the government are cutting funds for the NHS because there are people that do deserve to get the help they need and people that need serious help cannot get that help because there is not enough money to upgrade the facilities and do more important research.


Freya’s Opinion

I don’t think that it is fair that innocent people who are suffering from illness and injuries are being denied the help that they need when they haven’t done anything wrong. It is also not fair on their families because they shouldn’t have to deal with the emotional stress of dealing with the loss of loved ones when they could have received all of the help needed.

By Molly and Freya for the BBC School News Report
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