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Ms E Jones
Head of Learning

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Department Vision

Our vision is that all students strive to be confident when being creative in lessons and develop their own independent characteristic throughout KS3, which they can then bring into KS4. During KS3 students do one lesson a week of food preparation and one lesson a week of creative technology, which is product design and textiles mixed with digital technology. 

Through a variety of creative and practical activities, students will be taught knowledge, understanding and skills, which enable them to generate imaginative and purposeful ideas. This is extended into our KS4 vision whereby we want our students to:

  • Be equipped with skills needed for the world of work;
  • Stay abreast of current developments in creative qualifications to ensure that these meet the needs of students and the school;
  • Build confidence and have a ‘can do’ attitude;
  • Encourage engagement in work based experience within school;

This then ensures a pathway to success!


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