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Head of Learning
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Miss K Pope
Director of Mathematics

Miss K Pope


Mr M Daghlas


Mr J Goldhawk


Miss C Palmer


Miss G Meaker


Mr C Sargeant


Mr B Youard


Mrs C Watts


Mrs S Spring


Department Vision

The department believes that when Mathematics is taught, it should be in order to promote understanding, rather than just gain knowledge.

The department aims to provide the highest standard of teaching for all pupils in a positive, well-managed environment. Learning is at the heart of the Mathematics Department, and each teacher of mathematics is expected to contribute towards the continual improvement of teaching and learning across the department.

Students are the priority and we aim to make every decision from the point of view:

What is in the best interest of our students?


We are a successful department, but we are a team that seeks to improve and which aims to be the best.


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