Religion and Citizenship

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Mr G Bhagowat

Mr G Bhagowat


Miss. R Fletcher


Miss. D Braine


Mr M Green






Department Vision

The department believes that through the correct exploration and delivery of Religion & Citizenship and British Values, the students will gain a better understanding of the world and their place within it, in order that they achieve a richer and more fulfilling life.

Students' progress and continual deeper spiritual, moral, social, and cultural understanding of the world, both in terms of the physical and metaphysical, is at the heart of all lesson delivery. Therefore, it is every teacher's duty to deliver appropriate learning opportunities to expand pupils' awareness, as well as to assess and monitor progression throughout every lesson.

We are a very creative and dynamic department, at the forefront of defining and delivering personalised learning programmes which aim to benefit both student and whole school by nurturing self-sufficient, considerate, and confident students who are happy, stable, and capable of functioning and succeeding in all areas of the curriculum, society, and the world.


Key Stages

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