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Mrs Fletcher
HOL Social Science

Mrs R Fletcher


Mr G Bhagowat


Ms D Braine




Department Vision

To engage, educate and empower our students not only in their chosen subject but in the skills required for their chosen future path. We want to develop our students into lifelong and independent learners, well equipped to deal with the challenges of further study and the future marketplace. Students opting to follow a social science course at The Abbey School will be encouraged to:

  • Approach their study with confidence and a positive attitude, founded on their enjoyment of the subject.
  • Take responsibility for learning and grow the skills to become an independent learner.
  • Enjoy and benefit from working both independently and in cooperation with others.
  • Develop an ability to gather appropriate and relevant information from a range of oral, written and technological sources.
  • Develop skills of critical analysis, interpretation and evaluation.
  • Develop skills in relation to the design, planning, execution and reporting of social scientific investigations, including analysis and interpretation of data, particularly through the undertaking of an extended project qualification.
  • Develop an understanding of ethical issues within the social sciences they are studying, including the ethical implications of research.


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