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6th Form
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Free School Meals post-16

Any student in receipt of Free School Meals in Year 11 is still entitled to receive them in the Sixth Form. The school will provide any student entitled to Free School Meals with £2.41 of credit on the school cashless payment system on a daily basis.

To apply for this entitlement, please click the link below and apply directly through Kent County Council’s (KCC) website.

Free School Meals

Kent County Council

Universal free school meals

  • If your child is in year 2 or below they can get free school meals.

  • If you receive certain benefits, your child's school can also get some additional money to support their learning if you register.

  • or phone 03000 41 21 21 (this is a general education number for KCC so they will not know the call relates to Free School Meals.

Free School Meals do not affect a bursary any student receives, so we would automatically advise any student applying for the bursary (this does not apply to those entitled solely to the discretionary Football Academy travelling bursary) to apply for Free School Meals in addition to the bursary.


Educational material (textbooks)

In addition to the bursary, the school will always endeavour to pay for educational textbooks required for courses.

These will be paid for directly out of the bursary funds, before individual bursaries are calculated and awarded. This may mean that the individual bursaries for Levels 2A, 2B and 2C may be less than the published figure in this policy; we will always let students know if this is the case.

16 - 19 Bursary applications (from September 2018)


To receive a bursary the student must be aged over 16 and younger than 19 on 1st September in the academic year in which they start their programme of study and must satisfy EFA residency criteria.


Evidence requirement:

Evidence of household income by way of a Tax Credit Form (TC602), evidence of income from self-employment, P60, Receipt of Benefit Notification or 3 to 6 months of bank statements. Notification must be provided to the school Finance Office along with the completed application form.

Level One
Level Two A
Level Two B
Level Two C

A Young Person in Care; A Care Leaver; a young person in receipt of Income Support, or Universal Credit in place of Income Support, in their own right; in receipt of Employment and Support Allowance or Universal Credit as well as Disability Living or Personal Independence Payments in their own right.

A Students who are eligible for free school meals or whose household income is less than £16,190.00 per year.

Students whose household income lies between £16,191 and £20,816.

Students whose household income lies between £20,817 and £25,521.


Paying Bursaries to eligible students


Payments to students will, in the first instance, be put towards travel costs for the 16-19 Travel Card or any other support that the school identifies as necessary to enable them to participate in education.

If the school and student agree that these elements are already in place, then the school will pay cheques, directly to the student.



Level One
Level Two A
Level Two B
Level Two C

£1200 per year payable in termly instalments of £200, which are paid in the last week of each term.

£510 per year payable in termly instalments of £85, which are paid in the last week of each term.

£400 per year payable in termly instalments of 5 * £70 and a final payment of £50 in the last week of each term.

£200 per year. These payments are made exclusively towards the cost of a Kent 16+ Travel Card which the school pays directly to Kent County Council and are only for students who live more than two miles from the school.


The change in the structure of the Kent 16+ Travel Card with direct payment up front by parent(s)/carer(s) means that the school will pay the relevant amount (up to £400 and dependent on the Level of bursary provided to the student).


As per Kent County Council guidelines, any student in receipt of a Kent 16+ Travel Card will have their bursary used by the school to reduce their Travel Card cost. The Travel Card costs £400, so a Level 1 student will receive £800 plus a Travel Card, a Level Two A student will receive £110 plus a Travel Card and a Level Two B student would receive the Travel Card for free.

A Level Two C student will have to contribute £200 towards the cost of their Travel Card. The remainder of the payment will have to be made by parent(s)/carer(s) at the time of purchasing the Travel Card.

Discretionary Fund

The Abbey School will operate a discretionary payment system to any students in the Football Academy who do not live within a seven mile radius of the school. This discretionary allowance is for £240 and will be paid directly towards travel costs. As with the Bursary payment, this will be paid in six instalments, by cheque, in the last week of each term.


Non-payment of the bursary

This payment is based upon attendance. Authorised attendance falling below 95% or lateness over 5% (more than 5 minutes late to any timetabled period) will mean the next instalment will not be paid.

The school will examine attendance levels and targets may well be set for the next term; if these are achieved, the school will in all likelihood reimburse the student with a pre-agreed sum.

Payment of the bursary will cease if a student has missed four consecutive weeks of the school year for any reason.


Application Process and Payments

All Bursary Fund applications are ideally to be made to the Finance Office by the end of September 2018, along with the required evidence.

The Abbey School will then process the information by the end of September and will advise students, in writing, of the outcome. All eligible bursary payments will be attendance related and back-dated to the start of the courses the student has enrolled upon.

All bursary payments will be paid by cheque and will be subject to the conditions laid down in the 16–19 Bursary Contract. These include attendance, behaviour, completion of coursework and completion of courses enrolled upon.

Once entitlement is approved, a separate 16-19 Bursary Contract will be signed by the claimant and witnessed by the Director of Post-16 School or the Head of 6th Form.'


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