Sixth Form Dress Code Policy

6th Form
6th Form
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The Leadership Team have consulted Ms Jones, Mr Clarke and Dr Speller and the dress code for the school Sixth Form is based on a business dress policy. This includes:

  • Shirt/blouse for everyone; these can be long or short-sleeved – these should be modest. Please see below for tops that students cannot wear. If in doubt check the day before if you are unsure.
  • Smart, plain T-shirt for female students
  • Boys are required to wear a tie but jackets are not required
  • Jumpers or cardigans can be worn
  • Trousers, ¾ length trousers, skirts or dresses
  • Smart shoes or ankle boots, leather sandals
  • ID cards should be worn and clearly visible.

It has been agreed that the following do not represent The Abbey Sixth Form and are not allowed:

  • Caps – other headgear can be worn to the school, but not inside
  • Tracksuits
  • Branded T-shirts, polo shirts, football tops, crop tops, vest tops, low cut tops, Bardot tops and ‘belly tops’
  • No playsuits or hot pants
  • Jeans
  • Leggings
  • Shorts
  • Trainers and sandals.

Hair must be a natural colour.

No facial piercings are allowed.

Those students who take Performing Arts must wear the appropriate items as outlined by the Performing Arts department.

Football Academy students are expected to dress as above or can wear clean Dover Athletic Football Academy training kit, with polo shirts expected on a Thursday.

Students will be asked to remove any items which are not deemed acceptable dress; where this is not possible students will be sent to the Head of Sixth Form/Assistant Head for KS5 who will send them home to change. If plausible, they will then be expected to return to the school for the remainder of the school day.

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