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Miss. E Jones

Subject Leader

Miss. E Jones
Mrs. J Hobbs

Department Vision

The Abbey School Art Department is a dynamic, hard working team who work together creatively so that every pupil can achieve within the subject.


Key Stage 3

Art KS3


Year 7 and 8 pupils have two Art lessons per cycle and have the option to progress onto GCSE in year 9. All groups engage in up to three projects throughout the year, covering a variety of 2D and 3D materials, techniques and processes.

Year 7 Projects

Observation and Tone - a focus on observational drawing using a variety of materials, drawing techniques and processes. Explore and experiment with Formal Elements TONE, SHAPE, FORM and LINE.


Abstract and Colour- an introduction to colour theory and application of paint. Investigate Abstract Art and learn about Formal Elements COLOUR, SHAPE and COMPOSITION.


Imagination and 3D - practice 3D design techniques and processes. Explore and experiment with Formal Elements FORM, SHAPE and TEXTURE.



Books are marked regularly providing constructive and diagnostic feedback. Students are encouraged to reflect on their own progress through personal improvement time and self/peer assessment activities. Year 7 and 8 pupils sit an hour exam in July, which includes a taster activity from the GCSE Art criteria.



Year 7 and 8 pupils are given homework booklets to complete independently across 2 terms. The aim is to introduce students to 6 different artists over a period of 2 years.

The artists have been carefully selected to compliment the schemes of work delivered in class and from left to right include; ‘Vase of 6 Sunflowers’ by Vincent Van Gogh, ‘Homage to Bleriot’ by Robert Delaunay, ‘The Thinker’ by Auguste Rodin,’ Marilyn Monroe’ by Andy Warhol, King Tutankhamun’s Death Mask’ by unnamed Egyptian craftsmen from the New kingdom and ‘The Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo Da Vinci’.

Year 7

Key Stage 4

Art KS4



Specification code: 8201
Teaching from September 2016
Exams from June 2018
QAN code: 601/8088/2
This qualification is linear. Linear means that students will sit all their exams and submit all their non-exam assessment at the end of the course.

Course Content

Component 1:Portfolio

What's assessed

Each student must select and present a portfolio representative of their course of study. The portfolio must include both:

  1. A sustained project
  2. A selection of further work

How it’s assessed

No time limit
60% of GCSE

Component 2: Externally Set Task

What's assessed

AQA will provide a separate externally set assignment for each title, each with seven different starting points. Students must select and respond to one starting point from their chosen title.


How it’s assessed

Preparatory period followed by 10 hours of supervised time
40% of GCSE
Non-exam assessment (NEA) set and marked by the school/college and moderated by AQA during a visit. Moderation will normally take place in June.

Key Stage 5


A Level Art and Design

Fine Art (9FA0)
The Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE in Art and Design consists of two components…

Component 1

(60% of the total qualification) allows students opportunities to generate and develop ideas, research primary and contextual sources, record practical and written observations, experiment with media and processes, and refine ideas towards producing personal resolved outcome(s).

Component 2

2 (40% of the total qualification) allows students the same opportunities as Component 1 in response to an externally set theme.

How it’s assessed

Assessment of Component 1 incorporates three major elements: supporting studies, practical work, and a personal study. Assessment of Component 2 incorporates two major elements: preparatory studies and the 15- hour period of sustained focus. Both components are teacher assessed and externally moderated by Edexcel.

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