Students interview academy player M Robinson about being part of a sport!

“If you put the work in you can achieve anything!M Robinson.

Today we interviewed M Robinson on how sport has influenced his life.


How did you first get into sport? Is football the only sport that you take part in?

I first got into sport through my Dad at the age of three. Watching my Dad play football all of the time made me want to do just the same. At the start of secondary school I played a variety sports however, as I went up through the years I realised that football was the sport I wanted to pursue.

What makes you passionate about sport? Who would you say was your inspiration?

The positive environment, the social side and the friends that I have made for life make me passionate to play. I love the feeling of being part of a team and of being able to work so closely alongside my friends to achieve something.

My Dad and my Grandad are my inspiration as they brought me up to really enjoy sport and taught me how to be a good sportsman and player. They certainly passed on their love of sport to me!

The pressures of social media:

SM01As technology has advanced young individuals standards have changed drastically, pressure among young people has increased as they feel they need to be a certain way in order to be accepted online and in everyday life. A lot of adults, teachers etc., have noticed changes in the amount of anxiety that is found in teenagers which are believed to be one of the disadvantages of social media. As you scroll through apps such as Instagram, Facebook, snapchat and other online sites, you will realise the unfair expectations that are set by our society which are excessively high and are influencing young people to act and appear certain ways. The impact it has on young people is unhealthy and almost worrying as their self-esteem, self-image and mental health is being affected. A staggering 68% of hospital admissions are due to self-harm among girls (under 17) alone which is linked to body dissatisfaction and bullying. Bullying is a common issue that challenges teenagers, and social media facilitates such a problem as anyone is able to reach out and contact you.


We use these apps to follow the lives of both our friends and celebrities, which can often lead to teenagers being more aware of themselves and their imperfections. We focus our attention on how others look in posts (such as celebrities) which causes young individuals to compare themselves, resulting in body image issues. This is very worrying considering when really the majority of these photos have been photoshopped. This means teenagers are comparing themselves to images of models and celebrities that have been changed to look this unrealistic way which instantly creates a negative mindset for young people. There is also a risk of others getting the wrong impressions about you and what you post online, which can lead to unknown and unwanted accounts intruding your personal life.


SM02Student’s thoughts on social media:


“Social media has a lot of positive aspects such as interacting with friends and family but it also has its downfalls such as bullying and peer pressure as people find it a lot easier to target others behind a screen which society needs to focus their attention to.” – Millie, a Year 8 student


“I think there are many pros and cons to social media, the biggest con being body image issues and bullying.”- Joel, a Year 8 student.

Mr Storey is interviewed about the government cuts to schools!

Mr Johnson is interviewed about being part of a sport!

Miss Brennan is interviewed about the pressures of social media on young people!

Students interview Mrs Philpott about the effects of smoking!


Students interview Mrs Page about the effects plastic is having on the environment!

Students discuss the topic of homework!

Students excitement is building as they prepare for the BBC School News Report Day

 First Photo

Molly and Freya write about the government cuts to the NHS!

Effects of Government Cuts to the NHS

Experts are worried that the NHS Health Service will die out by as early as next year. There have been many protests against government cuts and many have died or been harmed by inefficient care and help. Countless amounts of workers in the NHS will lose their jobs due to government cuts, meaning fewer patients can be treated, which may increase the countries death rate.


Nicky Romero’s 15-year-old daughter Becky committed suicide after she was discharged from the psychiatric ward even after her mother pled for Becky to stay in the hospital after she had been self-harming that day. This is all down to loss of employment and not enough money being put towards the medical equipment and tests to improve the health of the population.


There are 40,000 vacancies around the UK for nursing and this has affected service delivery massively. A hospital protester says she fears that the UK’s NHS could turn in to a ‘pay for your health service’ like how it is in the US.


Molly’s Opinion: “I think it’s bad that the government are cutting funds for the NHS because there are people that do deserve to get the help they need and people that need serious help cannot get that help because there is not enough money to upgrade the facilities and do more important research.”


Freya’s Opinion: “I don’t think that it is fair that innocent people who are suffering from illness and injuries are being denied the help that they need when they haven’t done anything wrong. It is also not fair on their families because they shouldn’t have to deal with the emotional stress of dealing with the loss of loved ones when they could have received all of the help needed.”

- By Molly and Freya for the BBC School News Report.
- Written on Thursday 15th March 2018

BBC School Report 15th March 2018

Students in years 8 and 9 at The Abbey School, Faversham are gearing up for their BBC School News Report day on the 15th March 2018.


Throughout the day, the students will be transforming from ‘normal’ school students to fully fledged BBC School Reporters, which means that they have an ‘access all areas pass’ to help them cover the variety of stories that they have been carefully researching. The stories include key issues that the students feel passionate about, like the pressures of social media on young people and the positives to being involved in sport. 


All of this hard work is being supported by English teachers Miss Bishop and Miss Le-Brunn, who are using their English, Media and Drama expertise to teach interviewing and research skills.


We look forward to BBC News Report day!

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