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Physical TheatreYear 13 BTEC Level 3 Performing Arts students put on an evening of Physical Theatre.

They had devised a piece using a stimulus and centred it around our obsession with taking selfies, our online image and our reliance on getting approval from our online friends. The theme of cyberbullying was also tackled in an unusual way - do we seek attention by posting so many photographs online? Do we invite negative comments by doing this? Are we able to handle our emotions when comments are not positive? 

Rebekah Wotton and Georgia Collins, worked with Year 9 students - Phoebe Wells, Shannon Howath, Shelley Brazil and Ellie Fuller. These students have only been in GCSE Dance since September but they gave up their free time to work with KS5. Their performances were impressive and really gave the performance a different dimension. Ms Nunn, our new Dance teacher, worked with them and was pleased with the confident performance skills they displayed. 

Ed Tucker and Ethan Hood (KS5) also worked with the KS5 Performing Arts group in their own time, cast as shadows of the internet they provided some menace to the audience - especially as the audience was given random seats after travelling through a corridor of selfies just to get to the performance space. Unnerved, the audience was then entertained and educated about how online activity can impact our emotional health. Dance and movement pieces were choreographed by the students, using a variety of physical theatre skills and techniques with a range of poignant music choices. 

Rebekah Wotton said, "I was told by the audience that they found the initial section unsettling; I liked the idea of manipulating the audience and I found it was easy to do - we often just follow the crowd. We were able to get body image/social media message across well. All too often we plaster our photos on social media without thinking. The audience all learnt something from it and I liked being influential in that."

Ms Philpott said, "the shocking statistics of online bullying and obsession with self-image was moving; I was not expecting such a powerful piece."

Georgia Collins said, "We had worked on physical theatre techniques over the term and I thought that our final performance was well received. Mrs Page has been working with us on our vocal skills and movement so we were able to devise a performance that showed off our talents."

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