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Students in Year 7 and 8 were inspired and humbled by our visitors from Break the Cycle. Students listened to stories about how life-changing events made them evaluate their life decisions.

The theme was "forgiveness" - Glynn, one of the speakers described how he had been stabbed in a fight which left him paralysed for life and in a wheelchair from the age of 17.  He had not been directly involved in the fight but was helping someone who had been punched when he was attacked then stabbed in the back.  Incredibly, despite his footballing dreams being over Glynn forgave his attacker - after many long, bitter years.  He described himself as having two disabilities - physically and the disability of hatred.  He found that by forgiving he could move on positively in his life and appreciate the new life he had made for himself.

Dan, on the other hand, spent years blaming his father for leaving his family and excused his party lifestyle on the fact his dad had gone.  Only was he involved in a car crash and an accident on a cliff did he realise he was using this as an excuse for bad choices and a chaotic life.  He eventually met his dad again after 26 years and forgave his dad for leaving.  From that point on he was able to turn his life around for the good.

Students asked questions regarding the personal stories they had heard and had time to reflect upon how they deal with grudges and whether they would want to be forgiven if they made mistakes.

Free books with short stories, including Glynn and Dan, were given out to all students.  A thought-provoking session that allowed us to consider how to deal with issues and put situations into perspective.

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