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3G Pitch Perimeter Advertising

The Abbey Sports Centre are making available a limited number of advertising panels around the perimeter and in the spectator area of their new 3G Pitch.

A fantastic opportunity to advertise your business at this popular venue. Attended and used 7 days a week by local clubs and teams from Gillingham FC and Dover Athletic.

Call 01795 542488 for more information

Funds raised will be used to help maintain this impressive local facility


A unique advertising opportunity

Our full size 3G pitch offers the chance to advertise to over 1200 participants and spectators every week. In this enclosed environment and with such a wide range of attendees, this is a unique opportunity to promote your business to a captured audience.


Spaces will be limited, so be sure to register your interest as soon as possible.


Panel position can be chosen from the spaces available on a first come, first served basis. Please see a member of the sports centre staff, or check below for availability.


Two panel options are available, a larger size for the perimeter and a smaller panel for the spectator area. The printed panels are produced on high quality, durable 3mm dibond. This is a light weight, weather proof composite, made from two thin aluminium sheets with a polyethylene core. The print is full colour digital, using the latest technology with light fast ink guaranteed for 5 years.


Perimeter Panel: 2400mm wide x 600mm high
Spectator Panel: 1200mm wide x 300mm high


Advertising rates per panel (Rates apply to both panel sizes)

First year (beginning August): Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quote
The first year cost includes the printed panel production from your artwork. If you need help with design or artwork please contact our production team, any additional costs for this will be quoted separately.
Annual renewal (due each June): Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quote
The renewal fee assumes there are no changes to the panel information. Any amendments that require panels to be re-made will be charged at the first year rate.
Panels may only be purchased through our production team.
Terms and conditions apply Click here to view.


3G Pitch Advertising Plan

3g bg
3g plan a
No. Advertiser No. Advertiser
PL12   PB1  
PL13   PB2  
PL14   PB3  
PL15   PB4  
PL16   PB5  
3g plan b
No. Advertiser No. Advertiser
PB6  Kew Electrical PB12  
PB7   PB13  Gym direct
PB8   PB14  
PB9   PB15  
PB10   PB16  
PB11  Melia Line Transport    
3g plan c
No. Advertiser No. Advertiser
PB17   PB22  Albion Office Interiors LTD.
PB18   PB23  
PB19   PB24  
PB20  Proelec PB25  
PB21  AH Services Air-conditioning PB26  
3g plan d
No. Advertiser No. Advertiser
PB27   PR18  
PB28   PR17  
PB29   PR16  
PB30   PR15  
PR22   PR14  
PR21   PR13  
PR20   PR12  
3g plan e
No. Advertiser No. Advertiser
PR11   S79  
PR10   S78  
PR9   S77  
PR8   S76  
PR7   S75  
PR6   S74  
PR5   S73  
PR4   S72  
PR3   S71  
PR2   S70  
PR1   S69  
S82   S68  
S81   S67  
3g plan f
No. Advertiser No. Advertiser
S66   S53  
S65   S52  
S64   S51  
S63   S50  
S62  Gym Direct S49  
S61   S48  
S60   S47  
S59   S46  
S58   S45  
S57   S44  
S56   S43  
S55   S42  
S54   S41  
3g plan g
No. Advertiser No. Advertiser
S40   S28  Proelec
S39   S27  
S38   S26  Albion Office Interiors LTD.
S37   S25  Melia line refridgerated transport
S36   S24  
S35   S23  
S34   S22  
S33   S21  
S32   S20  
S31   S19  
S30   S18  
S29   S17  
3g plan h
No. Advertiser No. Advertiser
S16   S2  
S15   S1  
S14   PL1  
S13   PL2  
S12   PL3  
S11   PL4  
S10   PL5  
S9   PL6  
S8   PL7  
S7   PL8  
S6   PL9  
S5   PL10  
S4   PL11  

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