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International_PartnersInternational Partners:

We are currently working with the following schools on international projects:

Lycée Polyvalent de Taaone, Pirae, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Lycée Polyvalent de Taaone, Pirae, Tahiti, French Polynesia is a technical school with only Polynesians students. Tahiti is part of French Polynesia, and a French overseas territory. This means that they are part of the European Union despite being very far from it (about 2000 kilometres!). Because of this, students often do not have the opportunity to leave the island. We will be working on sharing our languages with each other in a project titled ‘Language for Future Employment’.

Collège 14ème km, Le Tampon, Réunion

Collège 14ème km, Le Tampon, Réunion is a state-run secondary school located in Tampon, in the heights of Reunion Island and10 000 km from mainland France and Europe. The school now enjoys a new dimension to its international relations as well as an enhanced reach for the foreign languages that it teaches thanks to Erasmus+ trainings and projects. The school is also interested in broadening the views of their students through real exchanges. This dimension is fundamental to develop skills in cross-cultural communication and personal qualities such as adaptation in a foreign background.

Malmö Borgarskola, Malmö, Sweden

Malmö Borgarskola, Malmö, Sweden is a Swedish Public high school, belonging to the city of Malmö. The school has approx 1250 students and 100 teachers and 20 staff members in the administration. The school was founded in 1874. We run the Swedish National Programs in Science, Social Science and Business Administration. Alongside with the National Programs the school offers the IB Diploma Programme (since 1994) and from fall 2017 the IB Career-Related Programme.

We pride ourselves with having students from not only all parts of the very disintegrated city of Malmö, but also from all over the world. We are a true melting pot of race, gender, nationality and religion. Our student body is very active and we have an active student corps and several clubs. These clubs are formed in all kinds of respects, everything from chess clubs to political groups to sports clubs to different kinds of charity groups can be found on our small inner city campus.

We always try to make our students excel, no matter what kind of interest they have. We are proud to have in our alumni everything from football stars (Zlatan Ibrahimovic) to Math geniuses to poets and authors. We strive for our students to see the opportunities in life no matter what they may be. We are active members in Transfer, a Swedish organisation which brings in speakers from all kinds of backgrounds into the classroom. This is to inspire them to see all kinds of available futures.

Oeiras International School, Lisbon, Portugal

Oeiras International School, Lisbon, Portugal is an IB-world school teaching through the medium of English and running the IB-Middle Years Programme (IB-MYP) from Year 6 to 11 and the IB-Diploma (IB-DP) and the IB-Careers (IB-CP) in Years 12 and 13. The school has 66 staff members and 320 students in total.

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