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Office 365 for Staff and Students

Office 365

The Abbey School is pleased to announce the new Microsoft Office Pro Plus Program for students and staff.

This program provides free access to Office 365 Pro Plus for students enrolled at The Abbey School and staff of the school. Any student who is currently enrolled or active staff is eligible and may download and install Office 365 Pro applications on up to 5 devices (PC, Mac, and/or mobile device).

Please note that when your child leaves the school, we will disable access to this software.


  1. Go to the following website: or click external links from the school website and select Office365
  2. Enter your Abbey School Email address ( USERNAME and the password you use in school.
  3. You should see the below:

Office 365

  1. Click ‘Install Office
  2. Select Office 365 apps
  3. Once installation begins, the installation program will scan your computer for any previous versions of Microsoft Office.
  4. If you have Microsoft Office 2013 installed already, you will have to remove it from your system before continuing the installation.
    1. If you have to remove Office, you must complete these steps:
    2. Once prompted, select the Fix It Button at the top of the screen to uninstall the program (Office 2013/Office 365)
    3. Click Run
    4. Once complete you must reboot your computer and log in again and repeat steps 1-5
  5. If you do not have to remove Office, your installation of Office 365 ProPlus will begin.
  6. Once the application is loaded, a progress box will appear as the software downloads the final settings. Please note that the speed of your connection will determine the speed of this part of the installation.
  7. Once all loading is complete, follow the steps (wizard or online prompts) to personalise your Office 365 ProPlus and begin using your software.


This service is provided ‘as is’ and help is available via the Microsoft website and respective help documentation within programs. We cannot accept any responsibility for any issues you have with the installation.

Your entitlement to install & use this software is limited to your time at The Abbey School as a full-time student or member of staff, and subject to the school continuing to license its software via the Microsoft Enrolment for Education Scheme/ use of the Office 365 for Education systems.

Neither The Abbey School nor Microsoft will accept any claim for loss or damage as a result of you installing this software on your home computers; you do so entirely at your own risk.

Any attempt to transfer copies of this software or the privileges associated with your school network account to anyone other than you will result in your account being suspended and disciplinary action taken.

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