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International Dimension

International Co-ordinator

Mrs H Page


Since 2009 we have worked to expand our local community projects into international networks. We did this by building upon our already successful international projects, as well as forging new partnerships and seeking additional funding opportunities.

This area has since grown beyond all our initial expectations. Since our decision to work on our delivery of the international dimension, we have been awarded over €300,550 in funding for our projects, been appointed the coordinating school of six European projects, and visited more countries than we had ever envisaged.

In recognition of our hard work, in 2011 we were awarded the full International Schools Award. This is the highest standard on offer to schools for their work on the international dimension. The award lasts for three years, and in 2017 we were awarded it for a third time taking us up to 2020.

Of course, at the heart of our international work is our pupils. We continually look for ways to offer our pupils as many enriching experiences as possible in order to fully engage them with the world around us. It is crucial that we encourage our pupils to think globally in order to enable them to make the most of the increasing opportunities that are on offer.

Most of all, we want to develop well-rounded, life-long learners and recognise that the best way to do this is to offer a multitude of ways to enrich the curriculum.

Our international work is designed not only to complement the national curriculum, but enhance it. For this reason, our partnership projects focus on language learning, employability skills and mindset. These projects build on the work already taking place in the school as well as allow us to share best practice in this field with experts from all over the world.

The great successes of our international projects only make up a small part of the wide variety of opportunities on offer at The Abbey School.

International School Award


If you are interested in learning more about our international work, have an idea for a way we could work together or have any questions please contact us

International Projects Booklet 2018

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