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Mrs K Ellender - Director of Mathematics

Mrs K Ellender


Mr C McCormack


Mr J Goldhawk


Miss C Palmer


Mrs G Brough


Miss E Taylor


Mr B Youard


Mrs C Watts


Miss L Harris

  Mr N Gilbert
  Ms Gowler (from Term 2)


Department Vision

The intent of the Mathematics Department at the Abbey School is to provide all students with a high-quality and balanced Mathematics education, building a foundation of knowledge and skills required to understand the world.   Mathematics is an interconnected discipline, essential to life and the world in which students live and work.  In a rapidly changing world, it is our intent to equip students with the knowledge they need to progress into further academic and vocation studies and the world of employment.  We want them to be prepared with the ability to think critically, apply logic and be confident to explore all avenues with the tools they have developed within their education, navigating their next steps with confidence.   We intend the curriculum to be rigorous, sequenced and cohesive, engaging students at all levels and advocating that Maths is more than just numeracy.   Nurturing the mathematical ability of students through the inclusive structures and features of an Abbey education allows students to rise to high expectations, develop their ambition and awareness through cross-curricular and everyday applications, and ignite interests in applied and practical mathematical connections that may have previously been unbeknownst to them. 


Looking ahead, in response to the COVID19 pandemic and the closure of schools with transition to online learning, a further intention for us is to rebuild the confidence students have lost during these unusual times and support them in the catch-up of missed learning time. Each individual story is different, but we aim to provide opportunities for every student to succeed with adjustments to their learning journeys and curriculum sequence to meet their needs as we continue to monitor the situation. 


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