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Miss L Pointer
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Mrs C Rule


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Department Vision

The MFL department at The Abbey is committed to improving the communication and interpersonal skills of all pupils. We help them develop 4 essential skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – which support them in other classrooms and the wider world. We know that the best thing we can do for our children is to help build their confidence; through our lessons, we strive to help the pupils enjoy learning a language and explore different cultures. We instil every child with an understanding of how important languages are as a tool to help them achieve more personally, socially and professionally.

The content in MFL at KS3 is designed to offer a mixture of practical, conversational vocabulary which children can apply in ‘real-life’ situations in French or Spanish speaking countries. We also equip them with the skills to be more reflective and incisive when expressing ideas. They will understand how to select the most appropriate language to construct detailed thoughts and opinions which are clear and justified; these skills are also transferrable into other core subjects.

At KS4, we build upon these communicative skills and develop the students as true language-users; to help them not only understand but to produce language in an accurate and creative way. We also raise the pupils’ cultural awareness by teaching customs and systems from French and Spanish speaking countries.

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