Head of Learning
Subject Teachers

Mr A Tear, Director of English

Ms P Jones - 2nd in Department


Miss J Mack


Miss S Gray


Miss S Parmar


Mrs A Goss


Mrs Clarke-Siegel


Mrs J Lucas


Mrs A Le Brunn-Healey


Mr O Robinson

  Miss J Lauritzen
  Miss G Bevan


Department Vision

The Abbey School English department is passionate about about inspiring students and supporting them in developing a lifelong love of Language and Literature. 

In Key Stage 3, the Learning Journey starts by building upon the core knowledge and skills established at Key Stage 2, like reading for meaning, writing for different forms, audiences and purposes and developing verbal communication skills through the process of developing, repeating and embedding.

In Key Stage 4, a careful transition leads to the next stage of the Learning Journey and students are able to refine their knowledge and skills, as well as develop their analysis of the writer’s craft. In addition, students spend a considerable amount of time learning how to carefully construct their directed writing and develop their own style. Finally, they are supported in honing their Spoken Language to meet the requirement for a successful outcome in the examinations, and to prepare them for the next steps in their own journey.

In Key Stage 5, the Learning Journey culminates in an exploration of Literature broadening the understanding of students through an interrogation of the canon of Literature, social and historical conventions and the development of a critical eye. Furthermore, students will be required to articulate their ideas with a clear and precise personal voice. This will provide students with an excellent foundation for their next destination. 

COVID-19 Addendum  As a result of the prolonged closure of schools from March 2020, it is clear that intent of the English department must also be to focus on Literacy, a key gap which has opened during the extended period of closure. In addition to this, across all Key Stages we must work to reinvigorate the students’ love for learning and English.


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