Performing Arts

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Head of Learning
Subject Teachers

Miss S Nunn
Subject Leader Performing Arts

Miss S Nunn - Dance


Miss F Frost - Teacher of Drama


Miss C Ward - Teacher of Music


Department Vision

The Performing Arts department’s aim is to instil within all students, a confidence, self-discipline, and a deep understanding of how to communicate and work with others effectively and respectfully. We want our students to recognise and celebrate their progress and achievements through hard work, giving them the opportunities to succeed and the patience and knowledge to understand how to improve. Through our key principles, Aspiration, Community and Curiosity, we aim to build resilience and strength of character by enhancing and inspiring all students on their journey to becoming well-rounded, confident, and kind individuals.

The three main skill areas that we study in performing arts are making, performing, and responding. Students learn how to communicate and contribute ideas when working in groups, developing diplomacy, and solving problems with creative solutions, as part of a team. In performance, students develop their confidence by stepping out of their comfort zone and, at times, working under pressure.

Students are encouraged to take part in many extra-curricular activities such as the school production, after school clubs and support in exam performances and dance shows. These opportunities further develop students’ confidence, discipline and dedication, along with a real sense of reward and achievement.

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