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An Introduction to Art, Design and Technology

Our Faculty offers a unique environment in which students of all abilities are supported, nurtured and encouraged to meet their full potential in the school’s creative and practical subjects: Art, Textile Design, Product Design and Food Preparation & Nutrition. Throughout year 7 and 8 students build confidence whilst making practical outcomes in specialised learning environments and developing specialised knowledge, skills and understanding. Each subject area has tailored exciting and challenging projects that encourage students of all abilities and skill level to become assured and well-equipped learners. Students with a particular interest in Art, Design and Technology may select from AQA GSCE Art and Design Fine Art or 3D and WJEC Hospitality and Catering for their Key Stage 4 options.


In Art, we aim to provide students with a varied and exciting curriculum that challenges learners at all levels, whilst connecting them with their own culture as well as with the wider world. Art projects at the Abbey School are designed to encourage risk-taking and inventiveness, while lessons help learners develop creative problem-solving skills and boost critical thinking. Throughout Key Stage 3, we aim to equip students with the skills, discipline and confidence to be able to produce creative work as well as record ideas and experiences. By Year 9, they should be proficient in drawing, painting and 3D techniques, possess knowledge and understanding of great artists and also have the ability to evaluate and analyse craftworks using the language of art and design.

At Key Stage 4, we offer GCSE Art and Design specialising in Fine Art, which provides a skills-based approach to artistic development. Through a variety of learning experiences and approaches, including engagement with sources, students will explore, create and communicate their own ideas. Teaching and learning at Key Stage 4 aims to provide students with the freedom to work to individual strengths and interests, embedding skills that will enable them to continue the subject at A Level and beyond.


Creative Technologies (Product Design-Textiles, 3D Design/RM  and Graphics at KS3 & 3D Design at KS4)

In Creative Tech, students develop skills, understanding, knowledge and safe practices working with specialised tools and equipment within a safe and controlled environment. At Key Stage 3 the department curriculum has been designed to stretch pupils of all abilities and promote enjoyment of specialised subject areas. In Product Design, Year 7 and 8 students begin developing their design skills through a series of Textile Design, Graphics and Product Design projects.

Year 7 students are split into two specialist Pathways and study either Textiles & Graphics or 3D Design/RM. After a year of focused study including technical drawing and graphics, they switch specialisms in Year 8. This curriculum model is designed to give students a broad experience and help prepare them for GSCE 3D Design should they choose this as one of their options.

In the PD Textiles pathway, students learn hand and machine sewing skills, simple fabric printing, applique design, heat transfer and e-textiles.

In the PD 3D/RM students will be introduced to Computer Aided Design, Line Bending and some Electronics using LEDs.

All projects include an opportunity for students to develop ideas using a client brief, learning how to work within a set criterion including elements of upskilled tasks along the way. By the time they reach Year 9 they will be proficient in understanding health and safety surrounding equipment in the workshop and textile room. Use of equipment such as the sewing machine, hand, and electrical tools in workshop and textile rooms. Understand the steps in design development and improvement and how to follow a client brief.

At Key Stage 4, we offer GSCE 3D Art and Design enriched with elements of Resistant Materials, Technical Drawing and CAD which allow students to develop an understanding of materials, designing, techniques and processes for each specific project. AQA Art and Design 3D has been selected to enable success and progression onto a variety of different KS5 and beyond educational opportunities including A Level, College, Apprenticeships and University.

Food Preparation and Nutrition 

In Food Preparation and Nutrition lessons, the curriculum is designed to develop healthy individuals with caring attitudes enabling them to make a positive contribution to the community and promote a love of cooking and interest in Nutrition.

In year 7 students learn the importance of hygiene/safety and understand the potential hazards when working in the technical area. They develop a basic understanding of nutrition through use of the Eatwell Guide and in practical lessons will foster simple skills to build upon.

In Year 8 the basic skills and knowledge will be extended, and students will become more independent and individual in all areas of their work, thus helping them progress and develop their talents.

By Year 9, students should be equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding to work towards producing a variety of dishes which showcase their skills through the complex needs of their execution.  Dishes which originate from their own and international cultures, dishes which are aimed at specific medical dietary needs or dishes beneficial to particular age groups.

Completion of Level 1 / 2 Hospitality and Catering Technical Award, enables students to move onto post 16 options including diplomas or similar, apprenticeships or learning at the heart of the subject by going straight into a kitchen environment.

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