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Department Vision

The Abbey School Religious education department is committed to offering high-quality Religious education curriculum. We aim to inspire our students to gain the knowledge, enabling them to have the capacity to debate, think critically and reflect on his or her own personal worldview.

In Key Stage 3, we focus on the six biggest world religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism. We encourage our students to explore their own worldviews, compare views and take a critical approach to their studies. We remind our students to remain respectful and tolerant of faiths and views, whilst still recognising the importance of critical thought. We model this respect through our use of SHAPE in the classroom.

In Key Stage 4, students use the base knowledge to delve deeper into Christianity and Buddhism, themes and ethics. The learning journey takes multiple paths with the option full course and the short course GCSE’s.  Students studying the full course will explore beliefs and practices of Christianity and Buddhism before tackling themes that include peace and conflict, marriage and family, human rights and social justice and crime and punishment.  Students who study the short course will explore beliefs of Christianity and Buddhism before tackling themes that include peace and conflict and marriage and family.




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