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Mr T Purnell
Head of Learning Social Science

Mr T Purnell


Miss E McDonagh






Department Vision

Social Sciences at The Abbey School aims to give students the opportunity to see the world through different eyes, gaining knowledge that requires students to challenge preconceived ideas, considering their role in the world, and how indeed, they may change it.  The subjects we offer are WJEC Applied Diploma in Criminology and AQA A-Level Psychology. Both subjects are new to students in Key Stage 5; we help students transition through helping them form new habits and new ways of learning by allowing them to make presentations, lead activities and develop extended writing skills. Students are encouraged to become inquiring students who carefully consider the theories and the research methods that form these ideas, they develop skills in processing and synthesising key data and information and learn key strategies in developing their own ideas to enable them, to be lifelong learners. At the centre of our teaching is knowledge, used as a building block for students to gain skills in application, evaluation and synthesis of gained knowledge. We focus on the acquisition of specialist language and command terms; we encourage inquisitive questioning to develop effective understanding of the subject. We want our students to strive for excellence, to find their niche and master the subjects they study, constantly eager to want to find new and exciting developments within the ever-changing landscape of Social Science.  


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