H6 online safety
H6 online safety
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Department Vision

To provide pupils with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes, values and skills they need in order to reach their potential as individuals and within the community.

Pupils are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities and experiences across and beyond the curriculum, contributing fully to the life of the school and community. In doing so, pupils learn to recognise their own worth, work well with others and become increasingly responsible for their own learning. They reflect on their experiences and understand how they are developing personally and socially, tackling many of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up.

Pupils learn to understand and respect our common humanity, diversity and differences so that they can go on to form the effective, fulfilling relationships that are an essential part of life and learning.

The PSHE programme will support the development of the skills, attitudes, values and patterns of behaviour, which enable our pupils to:

  • Have a sense of purpose.
  • Value self and others.
  • Form relationships.
  • Make and act on informed decisions.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Work with others.
  • Respond to challenge.
  • Be an active partner in their own learning.
  • Be active citizens within the local community.
  • Explore issues related to living in a democratic society.
  • Become healthy and fulfilled individuals.

RSE Consultation question for parent/carer's

PSHE and RSE Policy

National Online Safety Mobile App

Children are spending more time than ever online. As adults, we need to do everything
we can to keep them safe in the digital world. But with new apps, games and
platforms emerging every day, how can you stay in the know?

Say hello to the new National Online Safety mobile application. Created by experts, developed by us.
With all online safety knowledge available at your fingertips, the NOS app empowers parents and teachers to understand and address online safeguarding risks – any time, anywhere.

The world’s most comprehensive online safety app, it’s packed with insightful courses, explainer videos, webinars and guides on topics that will help you protect the kids you care about when they’re online.

National Online Safety Mobile App

Online Pornography Age Verification

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has created a helpful guide for parents that outlines what you need to know when the time comes to speak to your child about online pornography and how to broach those tricky conversations.

Use the link below to access this guide.

What parents need to know about online pornography and age-verification

Curriculum Delivery

As a school, we recognise that PSHE has a significant part to play in preparing children and young people to deal effectively with the pressures and challenges that growing up in the 21st century presents in our own community and in the UK.

Curriculum Delivery - Year by Year / Term by Term

Year 07:

Relationships | Personal Finance | Health & Wellbeing | Careers | Friendship

Year 08:

Wider World | Safety in Society | Careers | Personal Finance | Relationships | Drugs & Alcohol

Year 09:

Careers | Healthy Eating | Personal Finance | Careers | Relationships | Living in the Wider World

Year 10:

Careers (1) | Relationships | World Finance | Careers (2) | Careers (3) | Identity & Society

Year 11:

Careers (4) | Personal Finance | Careers (5) | Personal Finance | Living in the Wider World


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