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Severe Weather

For most of the year we enjoy a spacious and open site at The Abbey School, but unfortunately, this presents us with many problems when we encounter snow.

The long access road and car park can become impassable and the many pathways that link the various buildings are difficult to restore to a condition that will ensure the safety of the staff and students that work on the site. The other consideration to make is that, although a few of our staff live locally, many travel from a wide area that includes Thanet, Dover, Maidstone and the Medway Towns, so that heavy snow in these areas reduces our capacity to adequately supervise all of our students, even if the snow in the town is not so bad.

Obviously, it is our aim to keep the school open wherever possible to minimise the disruption to student learning and parent/carers’ own arrangements. However, given the above, there may be occasions when the school will be forced to close.

If the school closes you will be informed by a message on the main page of the school website and local radio stations. If there is any doubt, you will see a message on the website that a decision is pending. Students should not leave home until the message confirms the school is open. If the school is open, but the whole site cannot be cleared, we will ask the more senior year groups to come into school. In certain circumstances, we will open the school later in the morning to allow for the site to be cleared, if the forecast is more optimistic.

On rare occasions when the weather deteriorates rapidly during the school day and we are concerned that students and staff might face difficulties getting home, we may have to evacuate the school earlier than 3.30p.m. However, this measure will be taken in exceptional circumstances only and we will endeavour to contact parents.

If you have changed your contact details recently please ensure that the school have been notified in case we do need to contact you. We believe these arrangements will help to maintain the health and safety of children and staff, endeavouring where possible to keep the school open to minimise the disruption to student learning. Thank you for your support.

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