Bursary Funding

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Free School Meals do not affect a bursary any student receives, so we would advise any student applying for the bursary to apply for Free School Meals in addition to the bursary.

Educational material (textbooks)

In addition to the bursary, the school will always endeavour to pay for educational textbooks required for courses. These will be paid for directly out of the bursary funds before individual bursaries are calculated and awarded.

Free School Meals post-16

Any student in receipt of Free School Meals in Year 11 is still entitled to receive them in the Sixth Form. The school will provide any student entitled to Free School Meals with £2.45 of credit on the school cashless payment system on a daily basis.

To apply for this entitlement, please click the link below and apply directly through Kent County Council’s (KCC) website.
Apply for Free School Meals

Kent County Council


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