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What is the KCC 16+ Travel Saver?

The KCC 16+ Travel Saver (and the KCC Travel Saver) are bus passes provided by Kent County Council (KCC) and can save up to 50% on the cost of bus travel to and from school and college.

Once you have bought the card you will then be sharing the fare with KCC, who will meet the rest of the costs of bus travel at any time of the day, 7 days a week and all year round from September until the end of August.

Pupils at secondary school can benefit from the KCC Travel Saver. Visit:

Why do KCC provide it?

KCC provide the 16+ Travel Saver to fulfil our responsibility to support students to continue in further education up to the age of 19. Sharing the cost of bus travel with students enables them to continue with their education, as well as take part in other social and recreational activities by including evening and weekend travel.

What does it save me?

For most students, this pass will save you around 50% of what you might otherwise pay if you bought an annual season ticket for travel any time, 7 days a week direct from a bus operator.

If you are unsure if it works for you, check with your bus operator and if it doesn’t save you money then buy the ticket direct.

Who can get one?

To apply for a KCC 16+ Travel Saver for the period from 1 September 2019 until 31 August 2020 every applicant MUST:

  • be 16-19 years old and in academic years 12-14 (to be eligible your date of birth must be between 01/09/2000 and 31/08/2003)
  • be a resident of Kent (whose household pays Council Tax to a Kent district/ borough council for KCC services)
  • be attending a participating school, college, work-based learning provider or apprenticeship provider

Any student who lives within the boundary of Kent County Council but whose provider is outside of Kent may apply.

Residents of Medway Council and London boroughs which have a Kent postal address (e.g. Bromley and Bexley) are not eligible to apply and should contact their own council to find schemes in those areas.

How much does it cost and how can I pay?

The cost of the pass is £400 for the year and you can pay online in full or spread the cost in monthly instalments with our new direct debit option.

Paying by monthly instalments

You can spread the cost by making 8 monthly payments between August 2019 and March 2020. A £10 administration fee applies. The administration fee will be added to the first payment taken.

If you apply later in the year then you can spread the cost over the number of months left until March 2020.

How to apply for instalment payments

Select the Direct Debit option when you apply online to be redirected to complete a Direct Debit form. Or print and complete the Direct Debit form and return it by post with your application.

Instalment examples

The cost of the pass remains the same whenever you apply. The earlier you apply the more monthly instalments you can spread the cost over and get the most use out of it. If you apply later in the year then you can split the cost by the number of months left until March 2020.

  • Apply by 14 July 2019: 1 x instalment of £60 followed by 7 x instalments of £50 (total cost £410)
  • Apply by 3 November 2019: 1 x instalment of £90 followed by 4 x instalments of £80 (total cost £410)


If you no longer need your pass you can get a refund. You need to return your pass to us by Friday 24 May 2020.

Date returned by Refund amount
Not collected or returned before the start of the year £390.00
28 October 2019 - term 2 £323.35
6 January 2020 - term 3 £256.68
24 February 2020 - term 4 £190.01
16 April 2020 - term 5 £123.34
1 June 2020 - term 6 £ 56.67


Further financial support

In some instances, schools and colleges will also help students with the cost of the pass.

Schools and colleges receive bursary funding from central government for this purpose and we provide them with the following guidance to help them consider providing this support. You will need to check with your school or college to see if this is something that they consider.

  • A student from a household with an income of £20,818 or over will pay the full (£400) amount.
  • A student from a household with an income between £16,191 and £20,817 per year should be considered for some further financial support provided by the school or college.
  • A student from a household with an income of less than £16,191 (equivalent to the Free School Meals criteria) should, at the discretion of the school or college, pay no more than £200 for the year’s pass.

When can I apply?

Applications can be made from 3 June 2019 until 24 May 2020.

If you want your pass ready for the start of the school year in September, you need to apply by 14 July 2019, as it can take up to six weeks to process applications during the busy summer months.

Applications made after 14 July 2019 will be processed as quickly as possible but we cannot guarantee that they will be ready for the start of term.

Please remember that the pass costs the same no matter when you apply for it, so the earlier you apply the more value you get and the longer the period available to spread the payments if you are paying by direct debit.

How long will it take to get my pass, where will it be delivered and what do I do in the meantime?

We try to provide passes within 3 weeks, but at busy times of the year (such as the start of the new school year) this can take up to 6 weeks.

Once your pass is available, you will be contacted by your school or college to collect it from them.

While you are waiting for your pass, you will be responsible for buying a ticket from the bus operator.

We are unable to send letters or other proof of application that enables you to travel and we cannot consider requests to reimburse fares incurred while you are waiting for your pass.

How do I get further information?

Full terms and conditions and further information about schools and participating operators are available on our website 

or in the following ways:

  • by calling us on 03000 41 84 84 (Text Relay: 18001 03000 41 84 84)
  • by writing to us at Freepost KCC Travel Savers.


Kent 16+ Travel Saver Date  
Kent 16+ Travel Saver Flyer 03rd Jun 2019 Download
16+ Travel Saver Application Form 04th Sep 2018 Download
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