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Specialist Resource Provision

The SRP (Specialist Resourced Provision) at The Abbey School is a specialist provision for approximately 30 students on the Autistic Spectrum. Within this provision, each student has an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) where the primary need is identified as ASD. Students are able to use their own open space, separate from the main school playground during unstructured times as well as access to the SRP for changing for PE and attending interventions.

Students access the provision in the morning before going to tutor groups in order to give them time to check their timetables and an opportunity to discuss any issues with staff. Students can choose to access our own social area at break and lunch or if appropriate use main school facilities. All students access the main school for the majority of their lessons. Within the SRP, we offer a range of programmes for those students who require it delivered by our speech and language therapist or speech and language practitioner. These might include some or all of the following: functional communication skills, language groups, emotional resilience groups, Lego intervention and friendship skills groups.

The aim of the provision is to enable each student to be fully included in main school lessons and to study the full range of KS3 and KS4 examination courses and enrichment activities whilst still providing the appropriate support around their diagnosis. Students have a timetable, which takes account of their individual needs, providing the appropriate level of support, but has a significant level of challenge built within it. All students join everyone else in taking part in their school activities. Students wishing to be considered for a place in the SRP should be working at a minimum level of expected Year 5 in order to be able to fully access the secondary curriculum we offer. All students will undertake a minimum of 8 GCSEs in Year 11.

The SRP and facilities have been carefully designed for students with ASD and other students with learning difficulties to enhance accessibility. As a school, we offer regular training to staff about ASD as well as ASD awareness raising among students. We work closely in conjunction with our parents to ensure that we fully meet the needs of every child. The Abbey School is a highly inclusive school and was awarded the IQM Award (Inclusion Quality Mark) which reflects the inclusive work that goes on across the whole school setting. If you wish to visit the school and the centre please contact the school to make an appointment. The school offers a parent tour of the SRP and school once a term.

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