Be the Best You Can Be
Our school motto reflects our educational values. It is inclusive of all that belong to our community and, as such, it is our aim that all members or our school show respect for one another.
Be the Best You Can Be
Be the Best You Can Be

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@abbeyschool retweetedDAFC Academy - 20 Mar 2019
⚽️ Fantastic performance and result from the Academy beating Bromley away 3-0 ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 20 Mar 2019
We are pleased to announce that today we have launched the new Abbey School Website. Please have a look and let us know what you think
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 18 Mar 2019
Our 'Word of the Week' is......FARCICAL
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 15 Mar 2019
Thank you too for your support.
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 14 Mar 2019
Just a reminder: it's Red Nose Day tomorrow so don't forget your £1 towards our Comic Relief fund raising
@abbeyschool retweeted#HellomynameisKaren - 14 Mar 2019
Looking forward to meeting prospective collegues and promoting careers event
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 14 Mar 2019
Great to see you in school today. Thank you for your support in helping our students to make their career choices.
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 14 Mar 2019
A big thank you to all the businesses and organisations that came in today to support our students in making their career choices '
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 14 Mar 2019
The Abbey School Careers Fair in full swing this morning. Looks amazing!
@abbeyschool retweetedKATO - 14 Mar 2019
KATO is busy today! Firstly by supporting with their careers fair!
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 14 Mar 2019
Today we have our main STEM and Careers event with over 20 local and national employers from a range of industries coming into school to support us. These include: and to name but a few!
@abbeyschool retweetedDAFC Academy - 14 Mar 2019
Well done to our Academy team winning 2-0 at home to ⚽️ ⚽️
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 13 Mar 2019
Today, KS5 students who are interested in a career in Finance, took part in an online workshop hosted by Lloyds Bank. Students had the opportunity to ask questions, and talk to, people who work in this industry
@abbeyschool retweetedAbbey School History - 11 Mar 2019
@abbeyschool retweetedAbbey School History - 08 Mar 2019
Today staff dress up for and Mr. S is the Secret Footballer
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 07 Mar 2019
World Book Day activities are in full swing at today. Get your entries in for
@abbeyschool retweetedAbbey School History - 07 Mar 2019
and world book week today with the ‘Match the Characters’
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 07 Mar 2019
Today's competition for World Book Day is all about finding romantic couples! All staff have been given one character of a couple from a book and it is their mission to find their other half!
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 05 Mar 2019
Thank you so much for a great assembly yesterday morning!
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 04 Mar 2019
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