Excellent outcomes for students. GCSE pass rates in all subjects up by over 20% in the last 12 months. A level grades from A* - C increased by 47%.
Our school motto reflects our educational values. It is inclusive of all that belong to our community and, as such, it is our aim that all members or our school show respect for one another.
Be the Best You Can Be
Be the Best You Can Be


The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 19 Oct 2020
This helpful link - “Teen Body Image And Self-esteem - A Practical Guide For Parents" covers important topics, such as how to talk about body image, and practical tips and advice for parents to help their teens develop a positive and healthy body image. https://t.co/01bVUOFTgu
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 19 Oct 2020
Word of the Week for this final week of Term 1: https://t.co/yxT7jN4Cqs
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 19 Oct 2020
Due to the Year 11 Mock Exams this week, we have made a late decision to change the staggered pupil leaving times that have already been shared. Tuesday (20th), Wednesday (21st) & Friday (23rd) 14:55 Year 8 15:00 Year 11 15:05 Year 9 15:10 Year 10 15:15 Year 12/13 15:20 Year 7
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 19 Oct 2020
The school closes early every Thursday for staff CPD. We have been operating this system for several years now.
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 16 Oct 2020
Advance notice for students and parents - the first day of Term 2, Monday 2nd November, is a Staff INSET Day so school will be closed to pupils. https://t.co/RneTWYu7Nz
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 16 Oct 2020
Here are the times for the staggered dismissal of students for Week 8, the final week of term 1. https://t.co/fOmC0RqUER
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 14 Oct 2020
Attention Year 11 students, and parents: Mock exams will start next Tuesday and will run for the rest of that week. Wishing you all the very best of luck https://t.co/hSgnTD2NWW
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 13 Oct 2020
We were delighted to welcome The Mayor of Faversham, Cllr Mrs Alison Reynolds, to the school today. She presented Dr Speller with a certificate as an expression of appreciation at the way the school has coped during the Covid lockdown and for our successful return to school. https://t.co/uwWWwVPnB2
@abbeyschool retweetedEKST - 12 Oct 2020
The London Philharmonic Orchestra's autumn season concerts are free to watch in Oct - Dec for 7 days. https://t.co/zAyR8yECXC
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 12 Oct 2020
Word of the Week https://t.co/UYcu8Kpvaq
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 09 Oct 2020
We are delighted to announce that our Virtual Open Day event is now live on our website. All the usual information is available including speeches from the Headteacher, Head Students and Year 7s. For further enquiries please contact us via: info.co.uk https://t.co/ZbfCAC2mUH
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 08 Oct 2020
We will be sharing resources, information and activities in school this Friday in recognition of this year's World Mental Health Day This year's theme set by the World Federation for Mental Health is 'mental health for all'. https://t.co/z16bwEQMc7 https://t.co/TMlcvhd5FG
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 08 Oct 2020
No visits to the school are planned but, yes, we do have a virtual platform and are in the process of finalising content, such as talks from students and the Head. In the meantime, please go to our website - Admissions 2021- where you will find a virtual tour and other info.
@abbeyschool retweetedDover Athletic FC - 06 Oct 2020
ACADEMY NEWS | are through to the next round of the Youth Cup 👏 👏👇 https://t.co/Rje4LtRXqz
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 05 Oct 2020
What a fantastic Word of the Week! https://t.co/pFJpMr9h9R
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 02 Oct 2020
Revised dismissal times for next week - changes only affect years 8, 9 & 10 https://t.co/CgfQibduVz
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 01 Oct 2020
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 01 Oct 2020
Attention Year 9 students - we have today sent out a letter sharing details with you about the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme that we are running this year. We hope that many of you will be able to participate. https://t.co/Ih4KCa264Z https://t.co/GAa19Z2z68
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 30 Sep 2020
Can we please remind all our students of the need to wear a facemask or face covering on public transport AND when entering shops. Please abide by these rules to avoid causing any issues for shopkeepers in the community. Many thanks! https://t.co/SiEs9U23JY
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 30 Sep 2020
The Abbey School, Faversham, would be delighted to win these wonderful books for our Accelerated Reader scheme. Our dedicated staff do amazing work with our children and our Learning Resource Centre could do with some new resources!
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