Excellent outcomes for students. GCSE pass rates in all subjects up by over 20% in the last 12 months. A level grades from A* - C increased by 47%.
Our school motto reflects our educational values. It is inclusive of all that belong to our community and, as such, it is our aim that all members or our school show respect for one another.
Be the Best You Can Be
Be the Best You Can Be

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@abbeyschool retweetedEKST - 18 Jun 2021
Next Friday students will attend the private view of their works at These amazing fired clay medals will be going home with them as well as other prizes https://t.co/UgS2jZHlxh
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 17 Jun 2021
Today is which aims to raise awareness about the effects of air pollution on children’s health. https://t.co/qAhMnSwXI4
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 17 Jun 2021
This is wonderful to hear - thank you so much for your comments which will be shared with Mrs Gabriel.
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 16 Jun 2021
6th form - whether you’re looking for some inspiration, need help with choosing the right path, course, university or apprenticeship, UCAS are running a week of events from 22-26 June called UCAS Discovery designed to inform & promote Post 18 options https://t.co/x4E37RdAOC)
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 15 Jun 2021
Week 2's 'Word of the Week': MELLIFLUOUS https://t.co/AZhI3Gxaw4
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 15 Jun 2021
Just a reminder to parents of year 6 children: The deadline to apply for Summer School is Friday 2 July so if you are eligible and wish your child to attend please sign up asap! https://t.co/tVohoVx1kW
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 15 Jun 2021
GCSEPod is a fabulous online toolkit full of key resources for parents to support their child's learning journey - webinars, revision guides, activities etc. https://t.co/vBiyZYFQzH
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 15 Jun 2021
A great opportunity to take part in the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition. Free resources, workshops and fun activities for all ages from 8 to 11 July. https://t.co/nLf5SMS6Qv
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 14 Jun 2021
Last Thursday 8 students represented The Abbey at the Kent Challenger Games at the Julie Rose Stadium in Ashford. We are incredibly proud to announce that we ended the day as overall winners out of more than 15 other competing schools! https://t.co/sPmDIKP6kP
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 10 Jun 2021
Year 12 have completed a brain project in the last week of term where they had to identify key areas of the brain and its functions. Here are some of the images with the cake and clay models chosen by the Head to be the winners. Well done to Safi, Izzy, Erica and Chloe. https://t.co/jY5XbP1JtZ
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 10 Jun 2021
The Academy were crowned Kent Academies Cup champions after beating Dartford 2-1 in the final last night. Over 300 people were in attendance in a very good game against the two best Academy teams in Kent Fantastic achievement for the boys - congratulations to all of you! https://t.co/UVkbWUNbzI
@abbeyschool retweetedDAFC Academy - 10 Jun 2021
The Academy have done it coming from behind to win 2-1 against in The Kent Academies Cup Final 🏆⚽️ https://t.co/iZOkGPVSY8
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 09 Jun 2021
Congratulations to ex-Abbey student, Will Moses, who has signed first team contract with Dover Athletic FC https://t.co/GsBOYeucry https://t.co/3l8IuQf1Py
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 07 Jun 2021
June is Pride month and under Mrs Page's leadership, students will be taking part in activities during form time. At The Abbey School we have always been fully inclusive and strive to allow every student to have a voice if it is conducted in an appropriate manner. https://t.co/X2lHptq7DI
@abbeyschool retweetedDAFC Academy - 07 Jun 2021
The Academy have reached the final of The Kent Academies Cup after being 1-0 The final will be against which will be played Wednesday evening 19.45 kick off at Dartford FC
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 07 Jun 2021
During Term 5, Mr Dannell ran a House Competition which was to produce a piece of art based around the theme of 'Leaving Lockdown'. Here is the winning entry by Year 7 student, Francesca M. Congratulations Francesca - https://t.co/LIRiQJagbE
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 07 Jun 2021
Our first Word of the Week for Term 6: https://t.co/WMyquPySX9
@abbeyschool retweetedDover Athletic FC - 07 Jun 2021
✍️ DONE DEAL | We are delighted to announce that defender has signed his first professional contract with the club. Congratulations Will 👏 https://t.co/74z3cgDbEY https://t.co/Vzvq5mo2fr
@abbeyschool retweetedThe Abbey Sports Centre - 07 Jun 2021
Come Down And Use Our Brand New Indoor Futsal Goals In Our Main Sports Hall! ⚽️ 🥅 _____________________________ Any Questions Or Queries Contact Us On: Facebook Instagram Twitter 01795 542488 Sportscentre.co.uk https://t.co/PUCmakHU41
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