Be the Best You Can Be
Our school motto reflects our educational values. It is inclusive of all that belong to our community and, as such, it is our aim that all members or our school show respect for one another.
Be the Best You Can Be
Be the Best You Can Be

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The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 17 Jun 2019
Word of the Week and this week's Grammar Tip:
@abbeyschool retweetedDAFC Academy - 17 Jun 2019
The Academy travel this afternoon to St George’s Park to take part in the PGMOL VAR Tournament
@abbeyschool retweetedAbbey School History - 13 Jun 2019
Well done to y13 who finished their exams today, and brought an end to our exam season for y11 and 13. Enjoy your summers and well done for all your hard work over the years, it has been a pleasure to teach you all!
@abbeyschool retweetedDAFC Academy - 13 Jun 2019
Thank you for Maidstone and Mid Kent for coming in to deliver the ‘managing me’ workshop to some of our Academy Players and Sixth Form Students
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 10 Jun 2019
Grammar Tip of the Week from our Grammar Guru:
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 10 Jun 2019
Our Word of the Week is...CONFABULATE
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 07 Jun 2019
Our stunning annual Fleur de Lis Art exhibition is taking place once again this year. We do hope you can find time to pop in, it is a wonderful showcase of our students’ work. Please note, that due to staff shortages at the gallery, opening times may vary.
@abbeyschool retweetedBBC Young Reporter - 06 Jun 2019
Code names, crack toilets and a phantom army - here's 10 things you probably didn't know about 👇
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 06 Jun 2019
Remembering all the brave soldiers who landed on the beaches of Normandy 75 years ago today
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 05 Jun 2019
The Abbey School is thinking of all those who sacrificed so much for us all 75 years ago
@abbeyschool retweetedBBC News (UK) - 05 Jun 2019
D-Day: 10 things you might not know about the Normandy invasion
@abbeyschool retweetedDAFC Academy - 05 Jun 2019
We are ready for our annual Year 5 Primary School Tournament
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 05 Jun 2019
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 24 May 2019
Wishing all our staff and students a happy and restful half-term. See you all on Monday 3rd June with batteries re-charged and ready for Term 6 😃🌞
@abbeyschool retweetedCouncillor Trevor Martin🔶️ - 24 May 2019
students supporting the in Faversham well done support you
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 23 May 2019
So today, we bid farewell to our wonderful bunch of Year 11 students, as they head off on study leave. Good luck again with your exams and hope to see you many of you back for the Prom and in the 6th Form in September!
@abbeyschool retweetedDAFC Academy - 23 May 2019
Members of the Staff including our Headteacher, Academy Players and Staff, Assistant Manager proudly pose with the Champions of Champions Trophy this morning 🏆⚽️🏆
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 23 May 2019
The trophy on display in school this morning
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 22 May 2019
We can't wait to see you parading this wonderful trophy through town!
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 22 May 2019
This is amazing news! Huge congratulations to you all, what a fabulous achievement!
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