Excellent outcomes for students. GCSE pass rates in all subjects up by over 20% in the last 12 months. A level grades from A* - C increased by 47%.
Our school motto reflects our educational values. It is inclusive of all that belong to our community and, as such, it is our aim that all members or our school show respect for one another.
Be the Best You Can Be
Be the Best You Can Be


The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 11 May 2021
Thank you to for providing our students with such a great opportunity to showcase their talents! https://t.co/3jWyGpUAmF
@abbeyschool retweetedYoungMinds - 10 May 2021
Our advice on what to do if a friend opens up to you about their mental health. https://t.co/K6vJMrWQbE
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 10 May 2021
Lots of activities and tasks have been put together by Mrs Page and shared in a power point with form tutors. A huge variety of slides and clips and topics of conversation that can be used as a basis for discussion during form time. https://t.co/xaNKO5TBG3
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 10 May 2021
Great advice and support is always available from https://t.co/HjkKWRFZWI
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 10 May 2021
Nature, and getting outside generally, is wonderful for improving mental health https://t.co/62DzTJJgKM
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 10 May 2021
For , why not spend a few minutes having a conversation about mental health with your child. Here are some conversation starters you can use. https://t.co/geKXysGBHx
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 10 May 2021
Y8 student, Alfie has been taking part in an EKST art competition called 'Our Shared Isolation'. Students were asked to produce a self-portrait and include symbolism which represents their experience during lockdown. Hopefully the judges will be as impressed as we were! https://t.co/Q8keYeO8rI
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 07 May 2021
Year 7 student, Ellena P, is a finalist in a competition to design a 'Peculiar and Preposterous Pie'. Part of the prize is a 'virtual pie cooking masterclass' for her school. Please vote for Ellena's Cheesy Porkalicious Pie via the Facebook link below: https://t.co/jFg9ve64bh https://t.co/YaujBMcp1q
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 07 May 2021
The 76th anniversary (aka VE Day 76) of Victory in Europe Day is on Saturday, May 8, 2021 and is recognized as part of National Military Appreciation Month https://t.co/cFwdqxQDtq
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 07 May 2021
Next week is There are lots of ways that you can get involved and . Watch this space for tips and resources https://t.co/m1yabLB414
@abbeyschool retweetedDAFC Academy - 06 May 2021
Well done to our Academy players today some very good performances across squad’s 1 and 2 ⚽️⚽️ Squad 1 won away to Ebbsfleet 9-0 Squad 2 won at home to Erith Town 2-0 👏🏻⚽️👏🏻 https://t.co/YFQKGR8FW1
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 04 May 2021
Word of the Week - MONOMANIA https://t.co/VFIfVPqMNG
@abbeyschool retweetedDAFC Academy - 30 Apr 2021
Thank you to our guest coaches this morning and David Jones for coming in to do a session with our Academy players https://t.co/5Zt6HgTDPG
@abbeyschool retweetedAbbey School History - 30 Apr 2021
Come and join us at the we’re recruiting for a History teacher https://t.co/nyaQCjMbJK
@abbeyschool retweetedDAFC Academy - 29 Apr 2021
Academy results in the Kent Academy Cup 🏆⚽️🏆 Squad 1 Dover Athletic 3 Bromley 0 Squad 2 Bromley 1 Dover Athletic 1 Development squad Dover Athletic 0 Marsh Academy 0 https://t.co/WiC61fWQPy
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 26 Apr 2021
We're delighted to inform our students and parents that we will be starting to run after-school clubs from this week. https://t.co/tjOhHgEYsV
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 26 Apr 2021
What a fabulous Word of the Week, especially so as it's close to the week (allegedly) of Shakespeare's birth and death https://t.co/QpakL5CrtK
The Abbey School@abbeyschool - 23 Apr 2021
This week, a group of Y9s had a unique opportunity to participate in our Erasmus+ virtual mobility - 'Different Colours of Us' - which was a complete success! We spent 4 days working on projects with students from Estonia, Romania, France and Turkey. https://t.co/61tQ4AfOLe
@abbeyschool retweetedEKST - 23 Apr 2021
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